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It all started when…

Young, seven year old second grader, Jenna went to visit her grandma. Jenna holds a strong relationship with her grandma as she visits her grandma's house every weekend. This time is different however, due to Jenna spending quality time with grandma, Jenna realizes something is different about not only grandma's appearance but also her behavior. 

Jenna's story gives our readers a window into a child's mind as they encounter Alzheimer's disease and its affect on the whole family. In this book, children will learn and understand why these changes happen to our loved ones.



A word from the author…

My name is Jerri M. Riley, I’m the author of “Why Doesn’t Grandma Remember ME?”. I decided to write this book from my own personal experience with my mother, who traveled this journey for 14 years. Once an Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis is made, every family member connected to that person, no matter what relationship they have, will be affected by this disease. I chose to write my story with the youngest family members in mind. Our children look up to their matriarch and patriarch of our families; They don’t understand when our loved one's behavior changes due to Alzheimer’s Disease. I believe this book will be a conversation starter and will help answer questions many have wondered.

My goal and hope, is that this book will go into the homes of families with a passion for educating even the youngest family member about a disease that is affecting our loved ones. Studies and research has shown a younger onset of Alzheimer’s Disease that will affect our younger generations in the near future.

I look forward to hearing all the reviews that “Why Doesn’t Grandma Remember ME?” generates and hope it speaks volumes to every little heart that reads this book.

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